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Full Stack Engineer (Remote)

Permanent employee, Full-time · Remote

Your mission

What is Wonderwerk's mission?

A big chunk of life is spent at work and most people take a lot of pride in what they do with this time. A job well done is rewarded with personal success and a sense of achievement and happiness. Our mission at Wonderwerk is to lead people to success at work, by using a data-driven approach to analyse their work and suggest impactful training.

Our product is set in the world of sales, where data is key to understanding how well a company is performing. We can use this data to measure the impact of training and drive change.
We need you to continue to build our data-driven sales training tool, enhance our data-driven, impactful training and help people become successful at work.

How do we work?

Our product development process is based on basecamp's shape-up. In cross-functional teams of developers, design, and product, we work towards achieving product goals. These goals are determined by high-level company objectives. The cross-functional team conducts research, ideates solutions, shapes projects, and finally implements project features to achieve the product goals.

We seek you, a product-driven full-stack developer, to help us build our awesome, user-centric product.

What will we make happen together?

Our main focus for the next year is to further deepen our USP and enhance our data-analysis capabilities to apply high-impact training. We will further dive into analysing collected performance data from employees’ working tools, identify skill gaps, and suggest and evaluate training to close those gaps and lead employees to success.

What is our setup and culture?

We are working completely remote and organise off-sites at least twice a year to meet up. Remote means you decide where you work. At a coworking space, your local coffee place, or your desk at home. It's up to you, as long as the WIFI is strong enough to talk to your colleagues.

We believe that a team can achieve better results, faster than an individual could. And we believe in self-management because creative work can't be achieved on demand. You will decide when, how, and where you work at your best, when you need time to recharge your batteries or deal with life besides work, and when you are feeling that creative urge to sit down and just get things done.
Your profile

What do we need from you?

This brings us to the last point: what do we think you need to bring to the table to thrive at Wonderwerk?
  • You should be self-driven. Deciding what to work on, when, and where, with the impact on the team in mind, takes a lot of drive. We are working in a small, independent team, where every member relies on the others and brings a unique value to the table.
  • You should be product-driven. Working on product goals in a cross-functional team requires you to understand the company, product, and user. When shaping ideas to improve the product, you will be shaping Wonderwerk's future.
  • You should want to work remotely. It is a great benefit to be able to work from wherever you want and to be able to travel south when it gets too cold, or north when it's too warm. It is great to be able to manage time flexibly and to be able to juggle life outside work with the stuff to be done. BUT, at the same time, we know it is challenging to not be in a room with your colleagues and to just communicate digitally.
  • You should be organised. When a shaped idea is tackled, it is up to the team to turn the idea into reality. You will have to break it down into technical tasks, prioritize your work, and keep an overview during the development. You will have to deal with unforeseen challenges during development, work closely with the team, and know where to cut corners to achieve the goal. When an idea is tackled, it is ultimately up to you to deliver a high-quality product feature in time.
  • You should be experienced. You will be responsible for shaping solutions, breaking them down technically, implementing them in back- and frontend, and shipping them. You'll need to handle the product delivery through QA, automated tests, and finally releasing. To get started with us quickly, you should have experience and feel comfortable handling the whole development pipeline.
  • You should feel comfortable with our stack. We have a React application communicating with a Ruby on Rails API through HTTPS. The Ruby on Rails API stores data in a PostgreSQL database. If you don't have experience with any layer in this stack, you should be able to pick it up quickly and be self-driven.

Can we put that more in terms of past experience?

Yes. When looking through your portfolio we'll be looking for these points in your professional past:
  • Backend experience: Experience with Ruby (on Rails) or 2+ other backend languages (Python is most similar).
  • Frontend experience: Experience with React or 1+ other frontend frameworks
  • Database experience: Experience with PostgreSQL or 1+ other SQL database systems
  • Professional experience: ~ 5 years of professional experience (less if you match our stack)
You'll be gaining extra points if we find hints of the following:
  • You have product experience. For example, you have been working closely with product stakeholders to identify, understand, and transform product requirements into technical solutions.
  • You have been working in startups. Working with a small team in a startup is a different story than working in an enterprise (for better and worth). A smaller team and fewer resources mean we have to prioritize, cut corners, and take responsibility for the product.
  • You have been working in cross-functional teams. Working in cross-functional teams requires a special form of communication, understanding, and collaboration since every profession has its own dialect and perspective when talking about products.
  • You have seen a company scale their infrastructure. If you have been part of this journey before and have seen what it takes to scale an API, database system, and general infrastructure to meet a growing user base, that's a big plus.
Why us?

Caught your interests?

I’m Rouven, the CTO at Wonderwerk, and if this sounds appealing to you and you think you are the right person for us, I'm excited to talk to you! Feel free to reach out for us to get in touch and dive into more detail together.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!
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